"Competizione" cars.

Rare historic Ferrari competition cars

Corse e Strada focuses exclusively on historic and recent Ferrari racers, cars which are extremely desirable works- and semi-works cars with accessible technology. For those projects we outsource - as an independent sub-contractor - the work to Michelotto S.a.s., the Padova based Ferrari factory and specialist responsible for the Ferrari GTE/GT2 and GT3 cars, amongst others. Since the cars were designed and build there in the first place, we have access to all the expertise and historical data when it comes to design and engineering, as well as the original spare parts and in-house skills to work on our Projects.

The Magic of Padova

No one does the job better than Michelotto in their factory in Padova. Cars handed to them are returned cosmetically as new (including reproduced historic race liveries), mechanically 100% original and period correct. Every car is given a compulsory shake down by pro-driver Andrea Montermini. It goes without saying that the car’s full documentation is provided.

  • limited to cars designed, developed, engineered and build by Michelotto S.a.s
  • sourcing and purchase of cars on own initiative or on request
  • collect history of the car and its palmares
  • complete overhaul of the car by and at Michelotto S.a.s, no own and in-house services
  • Padova developed and build cars :
    • Ferrari 308 GTB Gruppo 4,Gruppo B and GTM, Ferrari 288 GTO evoluzione, Ferrari 348 CSAI GT and LM, Ferrari 333 SP, Ferrari F40 LM and GTE, Ferrari 360 GT and GTC, Ferrari F430 GT and GTC, Ferrari F458 GTE, GT2 and GT3, Ferrari 488 GTE and GT3.
    • Lancia Stratos GR4 Team Michelotto